Can using a VPN when gaming lower ping?

Gaming is fun, but being a successful gamer depends on a number of factors, like strategy, making split-second decisions, and acting fast in the right direction. If you suffer from a slow connection to your online gaming servers, you will inevitably experience delays that will cost you heavily.

These delays are called ping time. A high ping time means high delays, and a low ping time means comparatively more handleable delays. This also means that the higher the ping time, the more disadvantage you’re at against your competition.

According to popular opinion, the best way to reduce your ping time is to use a VPN for Xbox One. This will help you connect to the internet via a proxy, through servers located in many different locations of the world. In this article, we will explore how true it is, and if it’s true, how actually to use a VPN to lower your ping.

Before we dive into the meat of the matter, let’s talk a little about it and try to understand what it means better.

What is ping?

Do not get confused. Ping is nothing more than a simple software that you can run right from the command line of your PC to find out the total round-trip time for the messages that are sent from your computer to any other device.

This time is measured in a millisecond and is also known as ping or ping time. This is approximately the degree of latency that you’re likely to experience while gaming. If you have a ping time that falls under the 50ms mark, congratulations, you’ve got a pretty speedy system!

If yours comes somewhere between 50 and 150 ms, you don’t have a particularly speedy device, but it’s not bad in the least! And finally, if it’s higher than 150, you might begin to experience lagging and latency in your games.

Why do you experience high ping times

It is a given that you need fast internet speeds to enjoy a better gaming experience, including uploading and downloading smoothly and quickly. One of the biggest reasons for high ping times is a poor ISP (internet service provider). A poor ISP will result in slower internet speeds, constant lagging, and random ping spikes that could ruin your entire gaming experience.

Another reason for a higher ping rate could be ISP throttling. Sometimes your internet service provider can throttle your bandwidth or block your peer-to-peer internet traffic to balance file-sharing and gaming because these activities consume vast amounts of data. This ultimately increases your ping times. Finally, your geographical location could also be one of the reasons behind your high ping rate.

VPNs, pings, and other benefits

If your ISP throttles your bandwidth, a VPN can significantly improve the situation by letting you bypass the throttling. A VPN works by hiding your original IP address and connecting to the internet via proxy through a remote and secure server.

This not only makes sure that you’re safe from hackers and snoopers but also makes you virtually anonymous in the digital world so that your online activities cannot be tracked back to you. Since you’re anonymous, this also means that your local ISP cannot detect you to throttle your bandwidth, leaving you with high internet speeds and freedom to upload, download, and enjoy as many games as you want to.

Additionally, if you’re playing on your Xbox, a VPN for Xbox One will give you access to unlimited gaming resources, libraries, and even new games that haven’t been released in your country yet. And that is not even it!

The right VPN for Xbox can also increase your chances of scoring a win by letting you switch time zones, enter quieter libraries, and play against a weaker opponent group in games like Warzone. Anything more you can ask for!

What to look for when subscribing to a gaming VPN

Looking to subscribe to a gaming VPN? Ping rate is not the only thing that you’ll need to consider. It is also essential for a gaming VPN to offer a high level of encryption. This makes sure that the entire communication between your device and the internet is encrypted, so even if a hacker does manage to hack into your browsing or online activities, he cannot make out what information is being exchanged.

Another essential feature of a gaming VPN is protection against malicious cyberattacks such as DDoS attacks and many others shared in the gaming world. Finally, make sure that the VPN you’re opting for has several servers across the world for a greater variety of options that you can connect to.

Even though these are great key points that will help you make an informed decision, it’s also important that you check online reviews and feedback from existing users. A VPN with a proven history of providing exemplary security is better than one that doesn’t.

As a final tip, to get a proper connection, make sure that you’re connected to servers that don’t have as much activity going on; these servers are much more likely to give you a lower ping rate.

How to reduce ping using a VPN

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your ping time using a VPN service, here are the four steps you’ll need to follow.

  1. Make sure you’re subscribed to a high-quality VPN service, preferably a VPN for Xbox One or another acclaimed gaming VPN.
  2. Download the application that is relevant to your device (many high-quality gaming VPN offer different variants or applets for various services like Xbox, PlayStation, or streaming services)
  3. When you have that, follow the instructions and install and configure it,
  4. When you’ve done that, connect to a remote and secure server and see if it lowers your ping rate!

Now that you know how to lower your ping rate with a VPN, try it and let us know how it went!



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