Eat Right— Long-Term Insurance for Your Body


Physical fitness is more than just exercise and proper nutrition. It’s a lifestyle, attitude, and mental commitment as well. Whatever your age, you don’t have to be a “usta” person, someone who always says, “I used to be able to dance,” “I used to go swimming or play tennis every day,” or “Things used to be better in the old days.”

We’re going to give you a simple program to help you enjoy life more and be the happier for it. Make no mistake: This isn’t a “30 days to fitness or your money back” program. This is a new approach to your lifestyle that can change your life, and maybe even your lifespan.

Fitness is about today and tomorrow, and creating a life and lifestyle for the future. You’re not going to starve yourself with mini-portions or rob your taste buds of the enjoyment of food. Just the opposite. You can have your cake and eat it too, if it’s the right kind of cake in the proper amount.

Just don’t lose sight of the fact that what you put into your mouth today is walking and talking tomorrow, and has a great deal to do with how you look and feel.

Fiscal Fitness

Remember the little experiment in Chapter 1 in which you bent your finger back until it hurt, and then imagined what it would be like to make a financial decision while in pain? Enjoying life without worries and making the most of every day starts with good health so that you don’t experience discomfort or pain in any of your activities

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