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Features and Benefits of Decentralized Marketing Strategy

It is difficult for SMEs to implement an “integrated” marketing strategy, but on the other hand, a “distributed” marketing strategy is effective. A “distributed” marketing strategy does not firmly and fixedly solidify the entire marketing strategy but flexibly changes based on the customer’s situation, the company’s product situation, the sales situation, etc., within a specific budget and goal. I found these a model while hearing about the marketing strategies of fast-growing venture companies and long-established and long-successful companies.

In a decentralized marketing strategy, the outline of STP and 4P is the same as that of an integrated marketing strategy. Still, other than that, it is more site-oriented and rich in variety. After holding down the general budget and target values ​​(number of customers, cost), PDCA will be emphasized while operating while looking at daily figures. Then, faster-changing growth companies, venture companies, subsidiaries of large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc., can flexibly change their marketing strategies and respond to customers and consumers. It will be a more effective marketing plan.

However, such a flexible strategy is difficult to realize without various internal connections. Conversely, if the marketing department plays a central role in building such a connection, it will be possible to realize a strategy as a whole company.

This method is different from the fixed Honmaru business. It is only in the immature business where it is possible that the potential target customer is in another place or the company’s product did not match the market in the first place. It has a tremendous effect.

In the case I saw, a new business launched by a significant financial subsidiary had a marketing strategy. A large budget and involved partners were intertwined at a stage where the marketability was still unclear. There was something. Even if such a strategy is useful in a central business, it is not suitable for a new business.

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