How to be more productive in your current routine?

We all get twenty-four hours a day. But, Bill Gates and Elon Musk seem to have more time than most of us. You must have read articles saying successful and famous people work eighteen to nineteen hours a day. Sadly that is not the case. Massively successful people know to utilize their time best and organize work according to priority. So, it keeps generating revenue when these people are resting. If you are one of many people who procrastinate and are less productive, then this article is for you. Here we will discuss some practical ways to be more productive and efficient in your day-to-day life. You do not have to leave a social life or hobbies to be effective. Instead, only a few fixes to your existing routine and additions can be helpful. So, please scroll below to get a brief discussion on the things you need to do for a more productive day.


When we are trying to be more productive, then let us start with planning. A good plan is half of your job. So, you can start with a bit of stationery shopping. There are colorful and theme-based journals available in the market nowadays. Grab your favorite journal with a few color pens as well. It will boost up your mind and provide enthusiasm to bring some changes. Now think carefully and unbiased about the work you do in a day. Once you make a chart, see if you are overdoing any task or lacking any vital part. If you need any addition or subtraction, then make a rough layout first. Sometimes writing down the issues provides us a fresh perspective. So, it is always helpful to judge your daily routine. Now that you have found out your everyday backdrops, it is time to work on these. It is time for the triage protocol. Triage is a protocol for sorting things from most to most minor important order. If you spend a lot of time on social media platforms without any productivity, let us start with it. Here you can adopt either of two techniques. First, try to cut your screen time a day. It will help your eye health and remain fresh throughout the day. Also, you will have less distraction and more productive time. But if you can not cut your screen time at all, then why not utilize it? Digital marketing and online branding is the most prominent business these days. Use your time online to learn from several websites about your passion, trade, or studies. Then, you can also earn some money by working online as a part-time job.

Go slow

It would be best if you cope up with the trend to stay in your direction. But, the race will never end here. There will always be a bigger goal to achieve or a better salary to get. So, if you spend all your energy at once, it does not bring any good results in the end. It would be best if you were patient and calm in your work. Take the time to analyze every situation and problem to find the most effective plan to fight it. Haphazard pieces only destroy your mental peace and resources without doing any good. You can schedule a work time for you and stick to it initially. If you are working at an office, then follow the rules and working hours strictly. Never bring your works and files home. Excessive Working does not make you a good employee. It will drain you very quickly, and soon you will not be able to deliver regular work properly. So, allow your body and mind some rest to articulate and function better.

Work step-by-step

Success is not an overnight thing. It would be best if you kept working through every situation and problem in your life to achieve a dream success finally. So, do not let yourself be demoralized seeing others succeed. Try to build up positive thinking and embrace others for their success. In this way, your journey to success will not be a lonely and painful one. Then set your mind to the work protocol and divide it into many steps. You can follow it in your daily life too. For example, you can set a fifteen minutes goal to organize your home or skincare routine. Fifteen minutes seem very little. But, if you keep it constant and work fifteen minutes regularly, it will slowly help you adjust yourself to a routine. When you do something every day, continuously for days, then you must master the work. It will not be astonishing when you see your desired success at your hand. Practice and patience take time but pay off the sweetest results in the end.

Avoid distractions

Distractions are the worst to move your attention and reduce productivity. Since we all are having to do home office and schooling, the tendency is rising. Smartphones and laptops have thousands of distractions ready to lure you into them. But, when you are trying to be productive, then you have to fight it vigorously. For example, you can switch off your phone while studying. Make sure to take a ten-minute break after every one or two hours to ensure you do not miss anything important. Also, the small break will help you to keep the focus on and enjoy simultaneously.

When nothing works

What if you are doing everything by the book, and yet nothing works according to your plan? The formula we discussed above works for most people. But, there will always be exceptions. If you are one of the complex and exceptional cases, then make sure to get help. Depression, personality issues, and trauma can affect your performance. It also makes it hard for you to stick to the plans. So, make sure to get professional help. Regular meditation can help you to call your mind and focus better. If you are a believer, then try to pray accordingly every day. It will give you a sense of security and trust that is very important for consistent progress.

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