How to learn Freestyle in the essence of veneer snowboarding?

Snowboarding was first invented by a group of board sports enthusiasts who pursued freedom. This kind of exercise that is simple (one board), inaccurate (soft shoes), and prone to fall (not good balance) is inherently free. Every enthusiast should unlock his backfoot skills as soon as possible, feel the snowboard’s elasticity, learn to jump, open the door of Freestyle, and experience the real fun of snowboarding.

In addition to Freestyle and competition, there is also the category of freeride, which helps you.

Physical activity and snowboard performance

Our body’s movement is divided into four types: rotation, horizontal, vertical, and vertical. The first-level training will introduce this framework. In the subsequent second-and third-level training,¬† snowboard performance will continuously deepen the four exercise methods and timings under different scenarios.

Standing posture and pressure control

The three levels of training introduced three standing postures. The difference is that the ankle, knee, and hip joints become more relaxed and bent, the shoulders are more and more open, and the centre of gravity is lower and lower. The advantage of this is to increase the range of physical activity, improve the control effect of the snowboard, and help slide smoothly and smoothly in various situations.

Compared with double boards, single boards have a shorter effective edge, and a single board is not easy to grasp balance, so additional attention needs to be paid.

Drive the snowboard in the most efficient way

In addition to the impact of speed control with the curve, another important concept that has always been implemented is to use the most efficient way to glide. Talking to people means starting the snowboard through the part closest to the snowboard (lower body), and no need to move your upper body, no competition.

Using a standardized stance can greatly help solve the problem of upper body swinging.

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