Learn about the distinction between EC business and D2C business

D2C is a business model that sells products directly to customers through its own EC site without going through an intermediate distributor. Focusing on this “direct sales through EC” seems to be the same as the conventional EC business, but what is the difference? We asked e-commerce evangelist Takashi Kawazoe about the difference and what EC should be in the D2C era.

E-Commerce Evangelist Takashi Kawazoe An: Five companies have experienced a corporate revitalization and have been involved in more than doubling EC sales. After working for three apparel-related companies, I joined Meganesuper in July 2013. In 7 years, EC-related sales increased seven times, and in-house EC monthly orders increased 13 times.

Marketing, EC site expression method, etc., differ from the way of thinking of business. As a premise, let’s talk about the differences between D2C and existing businesses. D2C is not so much a “method” as it is an underlying “idea” that is very different from existing businesses. There is a “product” that we want to deliver as a company in the existing business, and we do marketing and CRM to get them to buy it, so to speak, it was a one-way relationship.

On the other hand, D2C is also a business, so “I want to deliver products” is the same as existing businesses. However, the idea of ¬†“I want to solve user’s problems” and “I want to deliver the world view”, which is the basis of the brand, is deeply embedded in the business development. If it matches the world view in the process of business expansion, you will provide it. I have the idea that it doesn’t have to be a thing to do.

The difference between D2C and existing brands is also visible on the EC site. The D2C site always contains “About”, which is rarely found on existing brand EC sites. It is D2C that carefully explains the way of thinking that the brand values and what it offers for that purpose, and if possible, wants you to know these and then purchase it. In other words, for the D2C brand, the EC site is not just a place to “buy” but also an important place to communicate with customers.

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