Most Precautions for beginners in table tennis

The movement styling needs to be comprehensive. The most commonly used techniques: forehand attack, backhand push, rub down rotation, etc. In the process of practice, it is unwise to practice a technique for a long time; it is unwise to practice everything in a short period, which is not conducive to the finalization of the movement.

If you beginner, there are some precaution .in this article, discous about most precaution for beginner .let’s dive to know about it

1. Footwork issues

The biggest problem that causes footwork problems is that the centre of gravity is not tilted forward. The leaning the centre of gravity is that the left foot is in the front and the right foot is behind, and the forefoot is focused. Leaning the body forward about 45 degrees is very suitable for a relaxed balance when starting and standing.

2. The body is not leaning forward

If the body does not lean forward, it directly causes slow movement. If the body does not lean forward, the movement of the arms and ribs is somewhat contradictory. But the shot ball does not have much power and speed. The reason is that the arm is upright, and the fastest direction of the arm is not in the right direction.

3. The problem of quoting

Extending the arm will also cause too much movement to find the best time to hit the ball. It will also cause many problems such as lack of concentration and so on. Introduce the shot properly to the back and bottom of the body.

4. The problem of friction

The friction state of the arc ball is slightly curved. A slight arc of friction can make it more difficult for opponents to prevent.

5. The problem of concentration

It is a very good choice to increase the power’s concentration from the shooting, relaxation, and single-sided swing speed.

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