Problem solving ability” that can make proposals for solutions in Business

Problem solving ability” is a sales skill that enables us to make various proposals for solving problems after discovering our customers’ potential needs and problems. Even if you are dealing with the same product or service, individuals and corporations’ needs and issues have differed. Sales representatives with high problem-solving ability can make proposals tailored to the customer.

How to improve problem-solving ability?

The following two methods are useful for improving problem-solving ability.

  • Know your company’s and customers’ products and services

Increasing problem-solving ability, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge of the company and customers’ products and services as a prerequisite. If you have enough knowledge, you can make a supporting proposal.

  • Improve hearing ability

Since finding a problem is a prerequisite for demonstrating problem-solving ability, let’s improve the hearing ability. If you make adequate preparations such as customer information and product research, you will ask real questions and make suggestions.

“Closing ability” that leads to contracts

At the final stage of an opportunity, successful closing leads to closing a product or service. Sales skills that lead to a successful closing are, in other words, the ability to push your back at the right time. Even if you have other sales skills, a salesperson who does not have the closing ability cannot make a contract.

Learn closing techniques

To improve your closing ability, learn the following closing techniques.

  • Test closing

Test closing is a technique that gradually confirms whether the customer is willing to conclude a contract and accumulates small consents. Since you can know when the other party agrees, you can bring it to the closing at the appropriate place.

  • Communicate the correct view of the market

It is also useful to convey the market’s correct view while grasping the customer’s view of the market.

  • Give a wide range of choices

It is also good to give customers a wide range of options instead of “buying / not buying”.

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