Steps to Make a Successful Recruitment Plan

Recruitment is an opportunity for a company to acquire “human resources“, which is the most crucial resource for survival in the market. The success or failure of recruitment will have a significant impact on the future of the company. Job seekers seek stability in an uncertain economic situation and tend to choose well-known companies they know before looking for or changing jobs.

Make your hiring plan to overcome these handicaps and hire the people you want. The point is to abandon company-oriented thinking and think about what value can be provided to job seekers. This report will brief on making a hiring plan from a medium- to long-term perspective and the procedure.

What is a recruitment plan?

A hiring plan is a plan to hire the people you need. It’s not just about deciding how many people to hire but also as part of your business strategy. The following methods are available for companies to secure the necessary personnel to realize their business strategies.

  • Relocation
  • outsourcing
  • Hiring (new graduate / mid-career)

The above three methods to choose must determine whether the “business content” and “required personnel” are short-term or long-term.

Let’s sort out the characteristics of each of the three personnel securing methods by referring to the above matrix.

Relocation: The most straightforward and low expense of the three ways is Relocation. When there is a vacancy in the core business, it is possible to secure personnel at an early stage by replenishing it from within the company. These methods have based on the premise; there is appropriate personnel in the company that transfer does not hinder the overall business.

Outsourcing: For non-core operations, it is necessary to consider outsourcing while streamlining and streamlining the operations.

Outsourcing increases the cost on the surface, but in the medium to long term, it is possible to reduce the number of dedicated personnel at all times, so the effect of reducing costs can be expected.

Hiring (new graduate / mid-career): If you do not have the skills and knowledge to carry out operations based on your business strategy, you want to secure full-time personnel. If you want to develop personnel in the medium to long term, we will take Hiring. The recruitment plan is set up at this time.

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