Succeeding at digitization is not a technology issue!

In much of what is written about digitization, one can get the impression that technology is at the centre. We like to hear about leaders with a lack of technology focus. On the other hand, we can not only push for new technology; we must also ensure that we get the best possible use of it.

Digitization has led to a shift in the focus on customers, their experience of the product, conditions that extend far beyond the physical product. This focus places new demands on processes, organizational structures and employees. Technology, in this perspective, becomes subordinate if the organizations are not able to take full advantage of the opportunities. Automation of business processes will also not change industries so that the other players do not expect.

Digitization should always result in one or more changes. It’s about doing something different in the future, and then we get a chance. You must lead the process towards getting this change, and this is where many make mistakes. To get the effects out of digitization, you need to make sure that the changes are lasting. A new change can replace a change.

Among those who fail with the digitization projects, there are often several standard features. It is not uncommon to see that it is an objective that you should implement the change on the day when the IT system is completed and the solution is rolled out. In reality, that is when the work of change begins. Until then, the change process will have been focused on preparing the organization for the upcoming change (s). Consequently, organizational changes supported by IT cannot be implemented at a defined time, as many milestone plans express.

The process of realizing gains as a digitization project can be described as a digital transformation. The transformation is about the changes that the use of digital tools results in it. These changes relate to people, processes, strategies, structures and factors that affect the competitive dynamics. To implement the changes, you must identify them and plan how and when you will handle them.

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