Technology trends that could be crucial to your business in 2021

In 2021, we will learn more about streamline research, improve our analyses of large amounts of data, and use artificial intelligence to automate even more processes. If you have not already familiarized yourself with the technology trends that will characterize the year, it is time that you do so now. We have always been on the way to the technological reality that will face us in 2021, but the corona pandemic has accelerated development for many companies. That is why it has never been so exciting to take a closer look at which trends will be decisive for your business in the coming year.

Here we will try to highlight the four trends we consider most important for the Norwegian market.

Ultra-flexible workplaces: 2020 revolutionized our understanding of home office. For many, this way of working has gone from being a rarity to becoming the standard solution. More people will want to continue working from home in 2021, at least part of the time, and the employer must make arrangements so that you can do this in a safe, efficient and practically feasible way for all employees.

Pure cloud technology: Cloud services have revolutionized the Norwegian labour market for many years, but by 2020, use and demand have skyrocketed. The companies that had not already started using cloud technology before 2020 have forced to start with it now. Therefore, the need for and use of cloud services will be higher than ever in 2021.

In 2021, there may be completely different things we need, but the technology we use will be the same.

Quantum computing: In 2020, we wrote about quantum computers. These are machines with potent processors that enable us to solve complex challenges we have not previously solved. At the beginning of 2020, we wrote that quantum computers are probably the element in DARQ that is furthest forward in time.

Hyperautomation: Similar to the use of quantum computers, hyper-automation was also on our list of trends that would characterize 2020. These are a technology trend we will also take with us into 2021. Businesses that did not seriously start automating their processes last year must do so in the year to come if they are to continue to be efficient and competitive in the time to come.

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