Top 10 common hair problems you may face and their solutions

Hair is such a part of our body which is essential for a good appearance and good hygiene. Healthy hair will allow you to look the best of yourself and will also ensure your healthy scalp. As everyone has different types of hairstyles, lengths, colors, and textures. But almost everyone suffers from at least one hair problem in a lifetime.

To protect your hair, you need to take constant care of your hair with good attention and kindness. As hair is so much dependent on your daily routine, diet, and environment, so you should also take care of them wisely. It could be pretty hard to remember all the tips. Here, all the information you will need to take care of your hair is given below. You should read this article to find out your problems and their treatment.

 Top 10 common hair problems you may face and their solutions

1. Dandruff: One of the most common hair problems which don’t need any introduction is dandruff. A lot of people suffer from dandruff. There can be many reasons behind the dandruff problem: poor hygiene, dry scalp, sensitivity to various products, excessive sebum, etc. Though treating dandruff problems is quite challenging, but you can keep this problem away by keeping your scalp clean. You have to be aware of choosing an anti-dandruff shampoo. You shouldn’t use those shampoos which contain Zinc Sulphur. To quickly fix the problem, you can use apple cider vinegar as it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. And because of the same properties, coconut oil and tea tree oil are also very helpful to treat dandruff. Another way of reducing dandruff is to reduce stress, correcting diet, taking probiotics, etc.

2. Hair Loss: It is pretty normal to lose 100 strands of hair per day. But if you notice that you are losing a lot for some days and there is a receding hairline, you are in trouble. Stress, hormonal imbalance, or using the wrong hair product can be a factor behind your hair loss. So, you need to look back to the past few months and figure out the reason behind your hair loss problem. Some hair loss cases can be prevented by reducing stress, proper diet, exercise, using hot oils, changing hair care products, and staying hydrated. Hair fall from hormonal imbalance needs to be treated by a specialist doctor. While suffering from hair loss, you should stay away from hair styling tools while hair is wet.

3. Dry hair: If you feel your hair dry, then you are not taking enough protein. Your hair needs fatty acid (vitamin B5, Omega 3,6) to replenish thirsty hair. There are some other underlying problems like menopause, pregnancy, birth control pills, or hormonal imbalance for women. These can reflect in your hair texture. Dry hair needs to be treated gently and carefully. You should try to protect your hair from the things that make your hair dry, such as pollution, chemicals, heat styling, sun exposure, etc. You can reverse the hair drying process and treat the damage by applying a hair mask and oil. Cold shower and changes in hair drying methods can also help you to prevent dryness. By consulting with doctors, you can take vitamins and omega-three supplements.

4. Oily Scalp: Reasons like poor diet, genetic changes, hormonal problems, etc., are some of the reasons behind oily scalp. But the biggest culprit of the oily scalp is over-washing. When you wash your hair more than three times a week, it makes the scalp dry. The scalp produces more and more oil to recover. You can treat your oily hair with the following tips:

You need to use shampoo properly, then condition it and rinse thoroughly.
Try to avoid hot hair styling tools
You can clean your hairbrush every day.
To avoid the stimulation of oil, you have to stop brushing or playing with your hair now and then.

5. Split Ends: When the oil produced by the scalp doesn’t reach your hair ends, it goes dry and splits over. A good haircut can cure split ends. Even if you are hoping to make your hair long, you have to trim your hair sometimes. Haircuts will eliminate hair damage. You can use dash oil to minimize the split end and to provide nourishment. You have to remember that over brushing and overusing shampoo will damage more to your existing spit hair problem.

6. Frizz and Flyaway: Frizz is not just a problem because of humidity, but it can happen anytime, anywhere. Even with a change in moisture or keratin, your hair may become unmanageable and frizzy. Overusing hot hair styling tools, chemicals, colors can cause curly hair. It shows that your hair is damaging. If you can add moisture to your hair, then you may get back your normal hair. You can use hair masks to add moisture. Hot oil treatment also works excellent to nourish your damaged hair.

7. Dull Hair: Dull hair shows that your hair is lacking protein. There can be some other reasons like weather, chemical treatments, using the silicone-based product, etc. Any of these reasons is enough to dull your hair. If you want to look your hair fresh and healthy, you have to cover up the protein lacking. As hair is a protein filament, so it can be repaired by proper protein intake.

8. Hair Color Damage: Coloring regularly can damage your hair in the long run. You may be inspired to color your hair from Tiktok or Instagram feed, but it is not suitable for hair at all. Whenever you use chemicals, bleach, or highlight into your hair, you will see dryness, split ends, dullness, and breakage. If you have already colored your hair, you have to give extra attention to your hair. You have to use specialized shampoo for colored hair, wash less often, and don’t skip using conditioner. These methods can be helpful to your hair recovery.Final Words

Final words

Other than the above problems, Hair loss is one of the main issues nowadays. If you experience any bald spot, patchiness, or hair falling out, then contact a specialized doctor as soon as possible.

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