Unique and practical self-care tips that will help you beat the age

People spent over a thousand years and billion dollars to find the elixir of life. To be immortal and young is the ultimate goal of humanity. Sadly none of our Medicines or formulas could make it possible. But, science is progressing, and in combination with traditional skincare, we can prolong our youth by many years. Self-care is a multifactorial sector where you need to take care of a few things at once. It includes lifestyle modifications, diet controlling, and skincare. Here in this article, we will try to touch on each of these topics to give you an overview of a holistic and wholesome lifestyle. So, without any further delay, please scroll down to get a brief discussion of the topic.

Skin Care

Lifestyle modifications and diet control is the most challenging part for most of us. Suddenly changing routines or habits is not an easy task. So, this regimen works in a way to make things easier for you. Why not start with skincare and enjoy self-pampering for a while? Skincare will show you visible changes in your body and motivate you to work on yourself more. Besides, it will help you to slow down the aging process and keep a youthful look. Skincare does not have to be expensive and ten steps long every day. If you are a beginner and want to keep it simple, then let it be.

Morning routine needs only three primary stages. You need to cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin in the morning. Let us start with the cleansing part. If you have oily and acne-prone skin, then go for a low pH and gel-based cleanser. Foaming cleansers are also a good alternative, but it tends to leave skin dry and strips away natural oils. So, it is better to avoid you if you feel it. Do not wipe your face with a dry towel or cloth. Instead, you can pat dry with a microfibre towel or cotton pad. Then apply your moisturizer in a thin layer while your skin is still damp. It prevents transepidermal water loss and promotes better absorption. Then, use a good amount of sunscreen, irrespective of your skin tone. Many people believe that darker skin shades do not need SPF. It is a misconception. People of every skin shade need an SPF of thirty or above it. You can add serum, essence, and toners to your daily skincare regimen. It entirely depends on your choice, time, and Budget. But, these three steps are a must to follow if you want to glow even in your forties and fifties. Also, never forget to care for your under-eye and neck area to age evenly.

Night regimen

After a whole hectic day, it is time to soothe and repair your skin. So, the nighttime skincare routines need only three essential steps. You need to cleanse, moisturize, and improve your skin at night. You must have been wearing sunscreen, makeup, dirt, and pollution all day now; you need to double cleanse. Experts prefer an oil-based cleanser as your first cleanser. Even if you have oily skin, you can use an oil cleanser as most are non-comedogenic. Then use your usual gel or water-based cleanser to wash off the excess impurities. The night is the best time to apply a face mask or serum with an active ingredient. Retinol acts amazingly as an anti-aging substance. Ceramide is another delicious ingredient to rejuvenate your skin. If you have dry and flaky skin, then serums with hyaluronic acid are a great choice. It will prevent premature aging and wrinkling of your face. Once you apply all your serum and active ingredients, then use your moisturizer as an occlusive layer. If you have oily skin, then a water-based hydrator is fine. Oil-based moisturizers are suitable for dry and sensitive skins.

Diet control

Diet is a significant part of your lifestyle. What goes inside your body will eventually reflect in your skin. So, if only skincare is not providing you good enough results, there are probably some problems with your diet. Our crazy busy city lifestyle gives us very little time to cook and eat healthily. Junk food and processed foods took a large portion of our meals. An unhealthy diet is the main reason noncommunicable diseases like uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes Mellitus are increasing every day. According to research, the Mediterranean diet provides the best results against these health conditions. Make sure to consult your dietician and primary health caregiver before choosing any diet chart for yourself. But, make sure to keep the salt, sweetness, and spices in control. Boiled vegetables and steamed chicken broth are the best base for your large meals of the day. Make sure to include at least one seasonal fruit and minerals in your diet. Nowadays, people are spreading crash diet charts online to reduce weight within seven to ten days. Never follow an intensive chart without consulting your diet. It can be devastating in the future or alter your metabolic state too. So, be careful with your food and balance the macro and micronutrients ratios to stay healthy. Sometimes people can not fulfill the daily recommended dietary intake levels from food. Food supplements can be an excellent source of extra nutrition. Pregnant women, children of growing age, or older people mainly need these supplements. Supplements usually are not a prescription regimen, and you can buy it as an OTC (Over The Counter) drug.

Lifestyle modifications

When you finalize your diet chart, it is time to go one step ahead with your self-care routine. Balance your work life with personal time. Make sure you have enough time for your hobbies and family as well. Remember, healthy relationships are vital ingredients in a healthy and happy life. When you are comfortable and calm inside, it will reflect in your body and work. So, try to include meditation and mental therapy sessions in your regular life. It will help you a lot to find out the problem and solutions in life.


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