way to choose a tennis racket by threading method

On the contrary, the lower the racket’s hardness, the better the package of the ball, the stronger the handling, and the more aggressive the spin. The racket can imagine it because of the lower hardness of the racket. The racket’s deformation at the moment of hitting the ball envelops the ball, so the choice of playing is stronger, and the racket will improve the hand feel.

A high-hardness racket can hit a deeper course, but at the same time, the vibration after hitting the ball will be higher. I recommend using it with a shock absorber. Without hardness, here are some threading method for choosing a tennis racket

Threading weight:

Generally, the most commonly used weight is between 55 and 60 pounds, and professional players often wear it to about 70 pounds. The higher the weight, the lower the elasticity, but players with faster swing speeds can better ball control. Low weight will produce a spring bed effect and increase the rebound force, and low weight racket will also reduce ball control.

Choose weight

The number of pounds is directly proportional to the control and inversely proportional to the shot’s power. In other words, the higher the pound, the better the control of the ball, but the lower the power of hitting the ball, which is suitable for players who play online. The lower the weight, the better the flexibility and the greater the hitting power, which is suitable for offensive players on the bottom line.

The number of pounds suitable for the racket:

Each racket’s body is marked with the stringing pounds recommended by the brand, usually 50-60 pounds, 50-65 pounds. Threading the string within the range of pounds recommended by the brand can maximize the racket’s protection and obtain a better feel.

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